Transportation Quality

As freight management business leaders, it is but normal for our clients to expect from us good transportation quality. We at Ocean Care have already thought of that. We as a shipping business make sure that what we are providing you is the best. Standardization certificates that we hold are a trademark of verification that our processes completely comply with transportation quality standards.

We provide various levels of transportation quality assurance. All our vehicles used at land transportation, our ships and our cargo bearing planes are tested before they make their journey. We understand that any mishap can be a threat to us, our reputation and customer products. So great care is taken while choosing the transportation medium.

The roads picked up for journey have impact on state of product being carried, just for saving us some cost through shortcuts, we do not compromise with routes. We prefer smooth routes and bumpy routes that may cause slip, or effect sensitive material are avoided. In addition we achieve transportation-time quality through these prime methodologies:

Network Monitoring

It means we constantly stay with our next receiving station to know if everything is running smoothly on their end and in case there are problem we either chose best alternative path or other means to skip the problem or we change our next station to backup receiver for same area.

Route Monitoring

We constantly monitor the route for coping up with any unforeseen damage.

Traffic monitoring

Traffic can be headache in case of road transportation as it leads to delays. We always are on lookout for traffic and have some strategy always in place if we get stuck in such predicaments.

Weather Monitoring

During Air Freight and Ocean Freight operation one can easily estimate the impact of weather on the transportation. We are always on lookout for any weather instabilities and even minimal chance of threat trigger alarm and we actively start working on coping methods in case situation become worse.

Using Safe Boxes

We use different kind of safe boxes for packaging different material.

Ready Backup Paths

Alternative path in case of jamming signal to avoid delays, or in case of unforeseen mishap that affect our travel through first path.

Vehicle Checks

We make sure that we never overload our ships, planes or trucks/other road transport vehicle beyond its capacity, infact we always keep it low to avoid any accidental-risk.

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