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Ocean care has evolved as a trusted and preferred name, but that’s not just among our clients and business peers, we at Ocean Care have a culture that grooms professional in shipping. Our employ are A-rated for their user-friendliness, dedication, expertise and work ethics.

What makes our employer so different from the other sulking , complaining and dissatisfied employers?

Is it our recruitment process? Do we select only excellent folks?

Well we don’t have a very refined and judgmental recruiting process, what we look for is just a person interested in this field and the work and after that we put all the effort in that person, and nurture them with proper training. At Ocean Care we have such a culture prevalent in office environment that it doesn’t bore our employees.

Their jobs are designed so as to exclude mundane routine and have work flow. Motivation is the key driver used which results in our employees working with all their heart.

We offer good salary, adequate training, and rewards and recognization to our dedicated employees. We have a lot of offices operational at many places and as such we even facilitate our employee with travel opportunity, transfer facilities.

Men and women both enjoy equal salary and pay raises as per designation. A good work place environment is in place . We even have official norms for our women employees’ safety and zero tolerance toward any misbehavior. If you are interested and want to work into shipping business, Ocean Care is the best place to start. We have good employee-reviews and 3 out of every 4 employee here would recommend you to join Ocean Care.

We offer job openings in air freight forwarding management, ocean freight forwarding management , road –transportation management technical workers, relocater’s team etc.

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