Hiring a Transport Company? Look for The Best!

Best Transportation Company:
In present day scenario, no corner of the world is far from anyone’s reach. This is the age of globalization and reaching out to any part is not a big deal anymore. Globalization has given rise to numerous transport companies as well. These transport companies have been playing an important role in our lives. With the help of these companies now it has become easy to relocate in any part of the world. Also it has become easy to expand your business and to reach out to the international market. Therefore it is very crucial to choose/hire the best transportation service providing company to meet your requirements.

Choosing one from the pool of transportation companies can be enlightening experience as well as tedious and tiring job. After all it is not so easy to search the right company as per your needs. Facing tough time for looking for the best service provider is very natural; after all you want to be assured about the safety of your goods. Therefore you need to take several steps to be rest assured about a company’s way of working. These steps will let you identify which company you can trust upon for the transportation of your valuables.

Step to Choose best Transportation Service:

The very first step in this direction should be of preparing a list of companies providing transportation services for your desired location. Once the list is complete shortlist the companies which offer services that meet your requirements.

Always try and opt for a company which provides door step pick-up and delivery of your consignments/goods. This service from the company ensures that they enjoy their work and for them customer satisfaction and comfort is of top priority.

Make sure that the company provides you with a personal representative. Having a personal representative is of great advantage and helps in relieving your stress. Personal representative acts as a single point of contact throughout your move. Explain to him what you want and how you want; rest all is taken care of by him.

For added safety and better peace of mind try to hire a company which helps you in tracking the movement of your valuables. This service ensures that the company holds itself accountable for the safe delivery of goods while they are being transported. This also helps ensure timely delivery of all your goods.

See to it that the transport company uses closed containers while shifting/relocating your goods. Closed containers not only ensure safety of your goods from damage but also help them prevent from dust, dirt, and all sorts of weather changes – rains, storms, hail stones, etc.

Last but not the least do ensure beforehand that the charges for transportation of goods includes their insurance as well. Also discuss in advance about services that will be included in the stated price to make sure that there is no scope left for hidden charges later on.

Choose Your Freight Wisely: Ocean or Air

125Want a safe, easy, economic, and hassle free transportation of your valuables? Whatever be your requirement – household goods or consignments; here we are to help you find your answer.

Our team of skilled professionals makes relocation and transportation fun for you and your family. Let me now introduce to you; some of the most amazing facts related to Ocean Freight.

  •  One of the biggest reliefs is that with Ocean Freight; you do not have to worry about the size and the weight of your goods.
  •  With door-to-door service; no more hassle to carry or pick your belongings from the port.
  •  Relax and be assured; as now it is possible for you to track the movement of your valuables with time-to-time updates.
  •  Responsibility of maintaining your shipment documents on your behalf is taken care of.
  • Now, transport your entire load at best prices; irrespective of FCL (Full Container Load) or LCL (Less Than Container Load).
  • With the reservation facility; you can transport or relocate even during peak times.
  • With global presence; no need to rethink on your decision of relocation or transportation of your shipment even to the remotest area of the world.
  • What! Your perishable items will not last with Ocean Freight? Well here comes the refrigeration facility to store and preserve them till delivered to your doorstep.
  • Still thinking about theft or loss of your belongings during freight. Be assured all your valuables are insured before transportation.

126As we have talked much about Ocean Freight now, do let me know how many of you know when and where first Air Freight took place?

Well, November 7, 1910 was the historical day when first Air Freight took place in USA. Newspaper clippings quoted Wright Brothers stating that the plane covered a distance of 105 km in 66 minutes; though official record time was of 57 minutes. It was the first ‘only cargo’ flight used to transport a package of 200 pounds of silk.

Shortly after this historic moment; the world’s first airmail took place on February 18, 1911. This event took place in an exhibition that held in the United Provinces of Agra and Awadh; India under British rule. Entrepreneurs realized importance and value of Air Freight in early 20s’ and used it very rapidly to deliver their consignments. In spite of all hopes, Air Freight failed to grow as expected. Air Freight received the much awaited recognition in 1990s’.

With Air Freight, all your belongings can reach at your door step in the shortest possible span. We take immense care of all your valuables with assured timely delivery; be your items to be transported are large or small, fragile or sound, or delicate or coarse; leave all your worries to us.

All facilities which are available for Ocean Freight are applicable for Air Freight as well. The only difference between the two is the delivery time. So be assured and make a right choice as per your requirement and rest will be taken care by us.

We Make You Shift, Easily

Air Freight Services

The need for you making an arrangement for a shift from a location to the other is what we as, Ocean Care, have found our domain of work of providing Air Freight Services in India and world along with relocation services as well. For this, quite clearly, a lot of organizational works are involved and we are well stocked with each and everything needed to serve you reliably and in a time bound manner. As an instance, ranging from sorts of vehicles to packaging to documentations, these all we have taken well under our kitty to get the job done in an optimized way to ensure your organized shifting or delivery of freights and good respectively.

Along with, we here Ocean Care, also keep a constant tab on pre and after shipment till the entities don’t make reached at the desired destinations. In this, our tie-ups globally assist us in getting our good job done and we do appreciate their hard efforts in accomplishing a common job of making you shift in time and without any damage or breach of confidentiality. We serve for air, water and Land Transportation Services in India for goods to the said destinations, keeping in mind your concern over any kinds of harms not to happen to your highly important and precious goods or freights.

And, at the time you, as our esteemed client, praise our hard efforts put in to get you relocated or shifted safely and timely, by Land Transportation Services in India, we take it as our highest reward, we have ever won. This also works as motivation for us to do even better in serving your concerns of having you shifted and relocated worldwide and in an organized manner. Adding to our quality services, legal clearances for customs and others are also covered by our range of works and we assist you in coming clear of it with no fuss and time consumption, thanks to our legal advisers who know their job best and serve you best as well with their sheer experience.

By the time, any call reach to us for our relocation or freight forwarding services, like Air Freight Services in India, we, Ocean Care, first get a quick snap of what the way we have to move forward as depending over the amount and location, we chose an optimum forwarding or relocation medium to ensure a timely and secure services by our expert team who is well versed in all things transportation, clearance, forwarding or shifting in a quick and trouble free manner.

Make a Concerned Move to Get Smartly Moved


A timely delivery means a lot to you while you are dealing in business. In this, freight forwarding services, like one of Ocean Care Forwarders are doing their bit in justifying their good job of importing/exporting goods across the locations regionally and globally. But seeing the current scenarios when there is mushrooming of relocation services, a must thought should be given upon choosing an apt option while seeking for a productive relocating service provider.
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Make a Concerned Move to Get Smartly Moved


A timely delivery means a lot to you while you are dealing in business. In this, freight forwarding services, like one of Ocean Care Forwarders are doing their bit in justifying their good job of importing/exporting goods across the locations regionally and globally. But seeing the current scenarios when there is mushrooming of relocation services, a must thought should be given upon choosing an apt option while seeking for a productive relocating service provider.

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Safe and Reliable Air Freight Services in India

Reliable Air Freight Services

The air freight services in India are known for their rapid delivery whatever the location it is, nationwide or inter-nationwide. Providing plenty of space to be shipped across, multiple businesses are opting this very mean of goods relocation from here and there. By the time, the coming evolution in this segment of forwarding and transportation industry have made it a lot productive and convenient as well by offering local transportation and easy follow ups.

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Land Transportation in India Helping Businesses Stay Operational


At the time parcels and products get reached to the dock area or cargo area, the services for land transportation in India get into play and take the shipments to the locations. Working as second hand to the relocation and transportation services, land transportation is proving its worth by connecting the link and getting the job done. However, licensed land transportation services should be preferred as it saves from legal obstacles at any point of time while relocating.

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