About Ocean Care

Depending over the need of the forwarding, be it small to large enterprise logistics or relocation for the household stuffs to the locations, we are well placed with our variety of shifting services all served with the sheer safety and reliability across locations and places throughout the word including India.

Unlikely being a Packers & Movers, we do have operations in the export/import such as transportation, documentation, custom clearance, shipping including pre/post shipment follow up as well.  Along with, the concerns over delivering your stuffs may contain logistics of kinds at your door step say warehouse from the destination port; we keep a good care of it as well.

Now have a look over our kind of forwarding and relocation services such as –

Air Freight
At the time delivery is needed to reach at the fast pace over far located destinations, freight is better to be moved through airways and for this; we have arranged flights every two hours for medium weight freights.

Land Relocation    
Be it small to large enterprises or individual load to be relocated at some other address preferably based locally no matter of the remote locations and places.

Ocean Freight   
Let it be the loads of FLC (full load container) or LLC (less load container), water way remains unrestricted in terms of pack and weight of the objects with LCD box packaging for a secure shifting across.

Relocation Services
Meant for the individuals, this is the need quite like of the enterprises demand for their sort of freight to be moved, the same is the case here and we, here at Ocean Care Forwarders, do it efficiently being well stocked with the package materials and vehicles.

While providing these sorts of forwarding and relocation services, we also deal with the following processes such as –

Transportation (Export/Import)
We do it unlike it is being done. We have a clear sense in making shifts in or letting these out, we keep a good care while the process is accomplished with the committed reliability and timely assignment of your work of export/import done by us.

At the time, we are getting into our business of relocation, we find it absolutely good in putting each & every information about whatever the goods it may be, be it logistics meant for small to large enterprises or household stuffs, on paper for the future reference making it quite good in getting up to the right search.

Custom Clearance
This is equally important while freight forwarding and relocating and we do it right. Besides we have well experienced legal adviser in this regard to assist you in clearing the custom examination, assessment, payment of duty and taking the delivery of the variety of small to large and light to heavy objects. It is not that much simple as we, being Packers & Movers, do it.

Going though the procedure of getting objects reaching or going to some other location and places, shipping remains the key. Accompanying it pre/post follow ups for the shipment also matters. The same practice simplifies in getting updated with the running status of the shipment about what the time frame will it take to get done.

Keeping you at the utmost ease while taking your job in our hand, we do a good care from the start to finish to get done with the work assigned to us by you. We at Ocean Care Forwarders put our best of the efforts in letting your logistics and stuffs being at the other end safely and timely.